Electric bikes are the latest revolution in the field of mobility. e-Bikes have been developed based on traditional bicycles to which a motor has been added rather than creating a new powertrain specifically. This explains why e-Bikes are often complex to use and why people do not always understand all the functionalities provided by the onboard computer.

E2 DRIVES reinvented the e-Bike from A to Z in order to provide a much more intuitive experience. We developed Smart Drive: a motorization that includes all the powertrain of the bicycle, thereby substantially increasing the cyclist’s comfort and overall riding experience.


This innovative mid drive is an all-in-one design combining both a pedalling assistance and an automatic gear shift system. No derailleur, no speedhub, everything is in one box! Moreover, both functions are linked with the same operating computer on the handlebar.

The pedalling assistance seamlessly integrates your motion, using an intelligent torque measure system. It feels as if one is riding on a traditional bicycle with more power in their legs.

The electronic gear shift allows 2 shifting modes: a manual mode and an automatic mode. This disruptive technology allows gears shifting without any constrains. It shifts instantly and naturally even under load and at a standstill.

The key advantage of this mid drive is the riding comfort; it has never been easier and more pleasant to ride an e-Bike. In addition to this, the system is small, lightweight and efficient.



E2 DRIVES is an engineering company located in Louvain-la-Neuve very near to the UCL (University Catholic of Louvain-la-Neuve) where both founders received their training as engineers. Founded in April 2013, the company began with the support of two private investors and a public VC to develop the Smart Drive project, wich had been initiated 2 years earlier. Thanks to its innovativeness, the project Smart Drive has also been subsidized by the Belgian government. Currently testing the prototype on a test bike, E2 DRIVES is interested in forming an industrial partnership to produce and distribute the final product.


 E2 DRIVES s.a.

 Chemin du Cyclotron, 6

 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve


mail_cg contact@e2drives.com

phone_cg +32 10 39 00 63

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